A bliss of Solitude: Kill the Shadow of Doubt with a Naked truth

“I don’t lie but I hold the truth for the right time to come.”

So I remain silent and let them call it conspiracy of silence and I keep myself small so that they don’t see me coming.
Disclaimer: To avoid the accusation of plagiarism, let me mention that above quotes are improvisation of Kavin Spacey’s dialogues from “The house of cards” and the Al-Pachinno’s dialogues from “the Devils Advocate”.

The bad new is that the aforementioned crap has nothing to do with the crap that follows the current crap. The only reason for writing the above crap is not only to make it little cheesy but also to make the later crap little enticing. Moreover I could not find any reasonable forewords hence the above crap serves the purpose of freaking filler as well.

Now the million dollar question: “why me God? why me? Why me everytime? Why things go wrong for me?  WTH man!”
Despite the fact that we have knowledge of the precursors, consequences and implications, “Why me God why me?”
And the the probable answers to above moronic questions are:

  • Focus and stop crying like a baby 
    • Listen to Dr. Goleman lectures on Focus, emtional Intelliegence blah blah blah and sleep tight. This guy has an amazing ability to make you sleep in a pinch of time. Seemingly he has turned lullaby into a new science. God! I trying to pay attention but zZZZ.